The Last Flag

the last flag

I am in the middle of writing “The Last Flag”.

Yep got the title down. It will be illustrated, and maybe wind up on kickstarter as I’d like to have some additional features to go with it.

Like a navigable 3D enviroment, HTML5 games.

But that is most likely something that will be finalized around the fall. When I am planning for this book to come out.

What is it about? Glad you asked!

Let’s say, to start with. Zombies are involved. And money. After all, death and taxes. Both are always waiting for you, for everyone. But the very rich. And even them can’t really ditch death in the end.

And then. A sequel, or perhaps a prequel for Arachnohazard. Wonder which you’d like better?

Dear readers, hang in there.


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