A big, BIG thank you to Ali!

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I have the recently the good fortune to ask Alison Drew, writer of the blog  Ali – The Dragon Slayer to review my book.

What a great experience and what a nice and approachable person, even though she is currently battling with illness. Even while dealing with her own fight she has been supportive, kind and funny.  That, is strength people.


Run to her blog especially if you are an anglophile, while her reviews are international and she seems to read everything you will find a very nice resource for finding modern indie English writers.

You can also find Ali on:

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And as for my book? Glad you asked. Along with reviewing it she is helpming me give away some free copies. So if you like one, go to the free book competition and follow her instructions.

To all of you out there, I wish you a blessed and wonderful week.