“It was started in 1926 by a Joshua Nelson Hawthorne, the third, no less, robber baron and devoted amateur entomologist who had focused his studies on arachnids, was reported to have quite a collection. He and a group of friends and other individuals decided they needed to get closer to nature through science. It was […]

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Spider Bay

The bluff overlooking the small city of Spider Bay is idyllic. Trees and vegetation were kept a lush green and thick by the Oregon rainfalls and coastal weather. The beach was as beautiful as anywhere on the Oregon coast. The skies a light blue and the smell of the ocean hung in the air. Driving […]

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The town of Threshold was under duress. For the past week every night.Without fail and with an unfailing punctuality blood had rained down on the just and the unjust. On churches and meth dens. On mansions and shacks alike. The thick red stinking downpour started at sunset and lasted till sunrise. A week and a […]

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