The Last Flag

the last flag

I am in the middle of writing “The Last Flag”.

Yep got the title down. It will be illustrated, and maybe wind up on kickstarter as I’d like to have some additional features to go with it.

Like a navigable 3D enviroment, HTML5 games.

But that is most likely something that will be finalized around the fall. When I am planning for this book to come out.

What is it about? Glad you asked!

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A big, BIG thank you to Ali!

Ali Banner

I have the recently the good fortune to ask Alison Drew, writer of the blog  Ali – The Dragon Slayer to review my book.

What a great experience and what a nice and approachable person, even though she is currently battling with illness. Even while dealing with her own fight she has been supportive, kind and funny.  That, is strength people.


Run to her blog especially if you are an anglophile, while her reviews are international and she seems to read everything you will find a very nice resource for finding modern indie English writers.

You can also find Ali on:

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And as for my book? Glad you asked. Along with reviewing it she is helpming me give away some free copies. So if you like one, go to the free book competition and follow her instructions.

To all of you out there, I wish you a blessed and wonderful week.



And to all a happy new year!

new year post 2016

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

― T.S. Eliot

To all you out artist, writers, dreamers. All  of you who create and truly live.

May your words, art and actions reflect this year all you have learned in the past ones. Whether those moments and experiences were joyous or painful. Hard or far too easy. Welcomed or not.

May they be the mortar and iron. The steel and woods. That within the strong frame of your hopes, yourloves and dreams with your goals will give us the works of art, the new books and the actions that we all aspire and would be proud of in this new year.

I thought I’d share how technology helped me write my first book.

I love Google and used the convenience of the Google Docs to be able to add to my book wherever I was as long as I had an internet connection. Great portability. When I got to work early I was able to write before starting off the day. Then when at home I could open up the drive again and pick up where I left off, on a laptop or desktop.

Also Google Sheet was  used for keeping track of timelines, characters along with their links and motivations.

And of course The Drive was great to save all my copies as I progressed through the book.

And Pixabay came useful for those times where I needed an image, such as this post. (Make sure you have some dough in you paypal account. So you can buy the photographer or artist some coffe at least! Consider it good Karma )

And always remember. Anyone can be hacked. Do your best to keep safe, your password should be long, contain both upper and lower case letter, numbers and special characters. Something like “Password123” doesn’t count.

And consider using peerblock.



Post Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann