Ads and outside links


I have decided to use Google Adsense ads on some of the pages on this website.

Readers will see different ads depending on their history and/or interests, and/or location. The ads may be different every time you visit.

I do not endorse the products in the ads that you might see.  Using the ads is an attempt to recover the expenses I pay for hosting, the operation of this site and to support my writing time.


Some folks do not like ads. That’s all right. An option to block them can be found using apps like Adblock Plus for Chrome. There are others. You’d have to research that and see what is best with your browser of choice.

Affiliate ads

You will also see links for books or other affiliate products. Such as on this page. Great Reads.

I am not paid to display those ads but I receive a commission from the company  selling the product if someone buys the item linked to by the ad.

All recommendations are honest. Primarily they are books or graphic novels that I have read. And if you buy them after arriving them through the link on this site you’ll be helping support it.

Drop me a line if you have any questions. Or if you are an artist of writer and would like me to link your site.


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